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Typically a medical eye doctor known as an ophthalmologist will send a patient with a retinal tear or detachment to a physician known as a retinal surgeon or retinologist to repair a hole, tear, or detachment (if one is found on exam) as soon as possible to avoid severe vision loss.

The back wall of your eye or retina will not detach most of the time once you unexpectedly pay attention to eye floaties or dirt like black threads going around in your vision.

Up to and maybe more than half of all individuals by the time they reach eighty will notice hairlike black strands floating in the vision or clumps of black dots moving back and forth in their eyes. 40 out of 100 will also notice flashes of light and of those individuals about fifteen in one hundred will have a detachment of the light sensing retinal layer of their eye or a tear of the retina.
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Laser Eye Surgery

 laser vision surgery