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Disability Test For Floaters Causing Vision Problems: What Is Involved? 

During a disability exam for eye floaters you will have your vision tested both with and without glasses, your eye pressure tested, and a dilated exam to look at the floaters in the vitreous and the retina. Furthermore, a visual field test is typically performed of your side vision and then all of the results will be submitted to your state department of disability for review.

A natural result of the vitreous gel breaking apart into tiny pieces is if you suddenly start seeing bugs crawling inside your eyes or black lines flying by.

Shrinkage of the vitreous jelly will happen to everyone as we age because of chemical changes that occur in the back of our eyes and the liquification of the gel like material that fills it. It's true that over time the jelly like vitreous collapses, shrinks, and breaks apart into clumps which may appear as thousands of bugs floating near your eyes.
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Laser Eye Surgery

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