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Can Eye Floaters Be Removed With Medicine, Vitamins, Or Supplements?

Can floaters go away if you take floater medications or are there any vitamins to help floaters disappear? Noticing a dark squiggle line floating in and out of your eyesight is better known as a floater of the eye. Even though they are extremely annoying, most eye floaters are not a serious problem. Tiny dark bugs or black lines that accumulate near the central portion of your vision are evident when the vitreous breaks down into smaller particles.

Most everyone will ultimately develop dark circles that float in their eyes with random motion, this is due to the liquified vitreous that shrinks inside your eyes as you get older.

As the chemical change occurs in the vitreous and shrinkage occurs, the symptoms of floaters like black smudges or thousands of bugs in your eyes increase.

Dark and vivid black floaters that seem to sparkle in the light are the brain's way of interpreting swirling debris in the vitreous humor.

Don't even try to focus on the bugs flying nearby your eyes, they won't stay still because they constantly swirl in the gel of your eye.
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